Tactical Select allocation Real Estate Fund

A properly constructed real estate portfo-lio should invest among different real estate sub-asset classes and strategy types, then guide its manager selection and allocation according to its macro cyclical and secular views and over all risk and return targets. Good strategy and manager selection and adequate diversification is even more important as most of the offerings in real estate are illiquid. One or two under-performing funds should not be enough to deviate the real estate portfolio from its targeted returns.

Harbor Ithaka’s Tactical controlled Allocation Real Estate Fund manages to construct a prudent portfolio with top managers working within the most risk-controlled segments of the asset class. It also seeks to incorporate managers with strategies able to harvest the specific opportunities available at any period in the economic cycle. Finally, it looks to satisfy basic issues that are important to private investors and their advisors such as the liquidity available to private investors and the requisite rigorous analysis and due diligence.

The Tactical Select Allocation Real Estate Strategy seeks to enable private investors to attain Risk Conscious Endowment Style Real Estate Investment

Tactical Select Allocation Real State Fund investments offer an annualized yield target of between 7.5% to 15%.