Business Model

How we work

Backstreet’s business model is defined by limiting the risk exposure for our clients and avoiding any kind of counterparty risk responsibilities. Our role is  that of an intermediary between the client and the selected banks, stock brokerages or investment funds. This model provides the clients with the most suitable counterparties and products for their specific needs. In addition to the advisory,  Blackstreet together with the client, implement the selected strategies.

Being intermediaries between the vendor and the client, gives us the autonomy to offer the most suitable products and vendors for the client’s needs.


    • Analyze clients’ specific financial needs and recommend customized financial solutions.
    • Assist the clients to select the most trustworthy counterparties to trade, invest and implement the financial solutions selected by the client.
    • Once the counterparties are selected by the client, we help with the onboarding of the selected counterparties.

Considering the volatility of the financial market, Blackstreet is constantly evaluating and adjusting the strategy and proposing changes when required.

Blackstreet is aware of the uniqueness of our clients and we assist them with selecting the best risk–return customized portfolio.