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Blackstreet was built with the goal of simplifying the complex financial world in order to serve our clients´ financial needs.

Blackstreet’s mission is to fulfill clients’ financial needs with the highest standard in the financial industry. Each of our clients is unique in their needs and we cater to those unique needs by providing the best possible return/risk ratio.

Our goal is to make financial words easier. We explain the complexities of investment and financial management, allowing our clients to arrive at the right decisions. Blackstreet Management simplifies the financial world for our clients.

Our open architecture gives us the total independence to offer the most suitable products to our clients. 

We are a group of financial professionals with extensive experience in capital markets, and wealth & asset management.

Client Services

Our partners are our clients


Blackstreet trades all the currencies on the Spot and Forward markets. We also provide the most useful derivatives available on the market to reduce the risk exposure of the balance sheet: currencies, interest and inflation risk, among others.


Blackstreet works with the client to structure the loan to fit the business by selecting the maturity, interest rate, covenants, loan structure, anticipated payment cost and derivatives indebted in loans. We have a department dedicated to M&A, utilizing different valuation methodologies that provide the fair value of the company.


Blackstreet, through its strategic alliance with top local and international financial institutions is able to provide innovative investment alternatives that fulfill the most accurate risk/return tailored to the company.

We provide counseling on the structuring and offshore investment in in funds and banks in the US.

Client Risk & Approach

We ensure the best risk counterparties and simplify the financial world for our clients

Client risk is minimized because the client trades directly with the selected counterparties (Banks or Stockbrokerages), where Blackstreet’s role is to assist the client with the whole financial strategy and trading, based on the client’s preferences.

We reduce excessive costs associated with complex banking and investments processes by selecting the most suitable counterparties and products.

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