Blackstreet Management

Blackstreet is a boutique financial advisory with a business model based on full assistance and implementation, therefore optimizing the investment and financial risk exposure.

Services & products

Spot & Derivatives

Blackstreet trades all the currencies on the Spot and Forward markets. We also provide the most useful derivatives available on the market to reduce the risk exposure of the balance sheet : currencies, interest and inflation risk, among others.

Capital Market & Corporate Finance

Blackstreet works with the client to structure he loan to fit the business by selecting the maturity, interest rate, covenants, loan structure, anticipated payment cost, derivatives indebted in loans. We have a department dedicated to M&A, utilizing different valuation methodologies that provide the fair value of the company.

aWealth & Asset Management

Blackstreet, through its Strategic alliance with top local and international level financial institutions, is able to provide and innovate a complete variety of investment alternatives that fulfill the risk/return determined by the company.

Real Estate

Blackstreet is the leader in building condos in Matanzas area (VI region), where we offer a complete alternatives of real estate investment.

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